Polyversal Website and Store Update

We completed a big update for the Polyversal Website and our Store. Here is a summary of what's new:

  • Added a list of Retailers who are now stocking Polyversal in their stores under the Purchase tab. Individual posts to follow.
  • Added Battlegroup information pages for each of the five Polyversal Miniatures Battlegroups including Unit Spotlights with lore.
  • Added choice of Battlegroups when ordering the game with 1, 2, or 5 Battlegroups. There is no longer a “set” base set.
  • Added New Accessories available for purchase with info pages: Printed Rulebook (only), Extra Printed Combatant Tile Packs, Extra Infantry Bases.
  • Added an Add-On Miniatures page with corresponding product pages to offer extra Ares, Janus, Tigerclaw, and Infernus miniatures with Polyversal Combatant Tiles. Limited Quantities.
  • Added a Session Reports page under Community with links to known Polyversal Session reports. Add yours by e-mailing us.
  • Added Product Shots with better photos of game and battlegroup contents.
  • Added ability to order UN Quick Reaction Force and OPFOR Minutemen as individual Battlegroups (previously they were only available in the 2-battlegroup set).
  • Updated the CEW Web Store to suit all updates, update product shots, and add new configuration options for purchase (battlegroup selection vs. fixed sets).
  • Note: If you’ve browsed our sites recently, you may need to reload the page or clear your website cache to see these updates.

Polyversal General Release 11-1-22 + FREE shipping over $100 (Coupon Code: FREESHIP)

We are pleased to announce the general release of Polyversal for 11-1-2022. All Polyversal products are currently in stock and ready to ship, including miniatures battlegroups. We're also excited to offer free worldwide shipping for all orders over $100 (excluding import fees/VAT), use Coupon Code FREESHIP at checkout (applies to all products, $100 USD order minimum). Please note, UK and EU shipments will be delayed until our Kickstarter backers orders are completely fulfilled, but you can still reserve a copy for shipment. To order, please check out our store.

Celebrating the upcoming release of Polyversal, we're excited to offer our first limited edition of 75 Polyversal T-Shirts featuring the M-65 Ridgway Walker from Brigade Models and art by James Masino. This shirt is available in 3 colors and a variety of Adult and Youth sizes. Once we sell 75, all are printed and the design is retired. Reserve yours today! Store Link

Spearpoint 1943 Sale!  

To make room for Polyversal, we're launching an inventory clearance sale with great discounts on all things Spearpoint 1943. Check our store to see the sale prices.

Polyversal Electronic Releases on Wargame Vault

The Polyversal Electronic Rules, Print-on-Demand Rulebook, and Quick-Start Combatant Tile Packs are now available for sale exclusively on Wargame Vault. The Polyversal Web-Based Design Application, Arsenal, is included. The Rulebook is available for order through Wargame Vault as a full-color Print-on-Demand softcover book option as well.


Polyversal Arsenal Web-Application Release!

Arsenal is here! The web-application supporting Polyversal Combatant Tile creation is now available for use in conjunction with the Polyversal Combatant Design Rules. Arsenal is included with any rules purchase. More information on the Polyversal Website.